About US


2021 is the beginning of a new & exciting year in the world of 3D Printing. There are growing numbers of 3D Printing technologies, materials, and therefore more and more manufacturers and resellers all over the world. It is important to get a helping hand, a navigation platform for individuals, businesses, educational and research institutions to find the right 3D Printing solution & partner for their needs.

01. goal

The goal of the platform is to make it easier for everybody to find the right technological solution through the most relevant business partner based on their location. We can help in giving independent advise and recommendations as well as make connections between people, businesses and institutions which are interested in 3D Printing across the globe.

02. Mission

It is crucial to make all 3D Printer Manufacturers and Resellers ‘visible’ on the same platform, while making connections and building networks both internally, among the 3DP industry players, and externally, targeting potential B2B & B2C customers. We do our best to match supply and demand in the industry to strengthen the whole ecosystem.

Message From The Founder

Peter Kertesz


After spending almost all of the last decade in the 3D Printing industry, working in international sales manager roles, I have experienced the challenges both from the manufacturer and the reseller sides. Using this background and experience, I feel that 3dnearme.com can help all participants in this ecosystem to boost their businesses. My goal is to work on the win-win-win formula of the industry.