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 3D Printing & Covid-19

What is Distributed Manufacturing? How it can help against the COVID-19 outbreak?

Find all answers in the latest case study by J Supplied 3D, UK’s well known 3D printing reseller and service provider. Check out the case study 




 MEtal 3D Printing

Joint X, the Chinese WAAM manufacturer’s titanium fuel tank for the aerospace industry

A liquid fuel container to a private rocket company was 3D Printed with WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) technology, made of titanium alloy. The diameter of the part is 890 mm with a 11mm thickness. Check it here! 


NanoHack 2.0 3D Printed mask is accepted by NIH (US)

The updated version of Copper3D’s 3D Printed mask, the NanoHack 2.0 was accepted by the US National Institute of Health (NIH) and uploaded to their website! NanoHack Mask uses a recyclable and biocompatible polymer containing a copper nanocomposite that has shown antimicrobial properties. More info here!


Maker vs. Virus

Maker vs. Virus is bringing together people and organisations who need currently hard-to-find protective equipment or spare parts with makers and makerspaces who can possibly produce them. You can register your need, your offering or just simply donate. Find out more here!


Ultimaker’s worldwide community against Covid-19

Ultimaker’s 3D printing community can help put tools and parts that are in short supply into the hands of medical teams, when and where they’re needed. Find out more about the help Ultimaker and their partners are offering through the nearest supplier here!


Stratasys Coalition for Face Shield Production With 3D Printing Now Numbers Over 150 Organizations Responding to Pandemic

 “A coalition of companies and universities assembled by Stratasys Ltd. to produce face shields leveraging 3D printers now numbers more than 150, the company said. Among others, the list includes Boeing, Toyota Motor Company, Medtronic, Dunwoody College of Technology, the University of Central Florida, and the University of Minnesota.
 Requests from hospitals and other organizations exceed 350,000 shields; first hospital shipment received on March 25″. Check more info here!


Formlabs is mass producing COVID-19 test swabs

“Formlabs is now using its 250+ in-house 3D printers at its Ohio-based printing facility to produce up to 150,000 COVID-19 test swabs per day. The swabs are being used on patients at hospitals and health providers across the country experiencing test kit shortages, including New York’s largest hospital system, Northwell Health, and Tampa General Hospital, to help ramp up testing.” More info here by Kerry Stevenson, Fabbaloo.


Scaling up production of 3D printed medical equipment

Leitat Technology Centre has developed the design of a ventilator which in shortage or missing in many hospitals. In the US, it’s estimated that there are around 170,000 ventilators available. However, the American Hospital Association estimates that the number of COVID-19 patients that will need intensive treatment will rise to 960,000. The first 3D printed emergency ventilator was developed and approved by medical experts in Spain, in order to support hospitals and intensive care units in the face of the current health crisis. Read more about the topic by 3DNatives.com here!


Safety first: 3D Printed hands-free door openers

“Door handles are among the most germ-infested objects in houses, hospitals, factories, and elderly homes. We stand behind our mission to build a better and healthier world, which is why we’re sharing free design files for all worldwide to 3D print hands-free door openers.” Check for more info by Materialise here!


3D Printed Quarantine houses in Hubei, China

Winsun, 3D Printing Construction Company has printed houses for quarantine purposes and installed them next to a hospital in Hubei, China.
Check out here!


Italian startup produce 3D-printed valves for life-saving coronavirus treatments

Issinova reverse engineered and reproduced 3D printed valves for life-saving coronavirus treatments’. (The Verge Magazine). Check out here!


3D Printed mask by Antibacterial Material by Copper3D (still just a concept model, not for use!)

Hospitals around the world are close to running out of N95 mask. Copper3D’s NanoHack mask (still a concept model) can be an alternative solution. Check it here!